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2 Days To Top Surgery

I intended to write this when it was a month to go, and then 10 days to go, and then a week to go but sometimes life gets in the way. So even though 2 days until top surgery is not the poetic reflection I had hoped, sometimes you've just got to write a blog... Continue Reading →


A couple of days ago Arlo and I sat down to start their legal name change via Deed Poll, and as they scrolled down the list of titles I saw 'Mx' - the non-gendered version of Mr/Mrs - and that was the title Arlo chose. Unsure if Mx was a title that all legal instituations... Continue Reading →

Some Good Things and Some Bad Things

It's taken me 22 years to realise that sometimes life is just the worst. For Arlo and I October, November, and December have been pretty awful to us. In those three months within our family there has been a number of hospitalisations, cancer diagnoses, and two people died. During this Arlo was (and still is)... Continue Reading →


As I mentioned in my previous post my partner was unhappy with their current name and they've settled on a new one. It's Arlo! Taken from the dinosaur in the Disney film The Good Dinosaur. As promised I've gone back through all of my old posts and changed Arlo's old name to their current one... Continue Reading →


As I mentioned in the Top Surgery post Arlo and I are in the process of saving for their top surgery which is pretty pricey. We're hoping to have Arlo's top surgery booked for Summer 2020 (once we have the money for a deposit of course) and that is a relatively short amount of time... Continue Reading →


One of the first things I asked myself when Arlo came out is 'Am I still a lesbian?' For a long time I identified as a lesbian, after all I had an attraction to women and a lack of attraction to men, so this label suited my very nicely. In fact there was a point... Continue Reading →

Top Surgery

I knew from very early on that Arlo was planning on having top surgery as part of their transition process. What I did not know was how both difficult and expensive that process can turn out to be. In the UK the NHS will pay for most non-cosmetic surgeries without any need for health insurance... Continue Reading →

Coming Out

Coming out is a pretty nerve wracking experience, having to tell the people you love most something about yourself that may challenge their love for you is absolutely terrifying. Having to come out and then also explain your identity to a society than denies you even exist, much much worse. Arlo and I had been... Continue Reading →

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